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From 9/11/14


When I was in fourth grade we had to choose a hero to write and draw about. I chose my Uncle Phil and Uncle Tommy, two New York City firefighters who were “humble, courageous, and taught kids fire safety”. I also drew a hilarious picture of them that made them look like Bert and Ernie. Lol! 

I’ll never forget how much they both appreciated that tribute to them. I felt so much love from and for both of my uncles — and still do.

Uncle Phil was truly an amazing man and inspiration for me, in fact he still inspires me from the other side During his life he chose to live life to the fullest. Family was number one on the priority list, and he was an exceptional dad without question. Some of my favorite memories with him are learning how to play soccer with him. Whenever I stepped on the field after September 11th I always felt his presence. Soccer was one of the places I could always just lose myself, just be, and I felt so safe and supported out there playing a game I loved with some extra guidance from above!!

Thank you, Uncle Phil, for the way in which you lived your life. While many will remember you for the way you died, I’ll always remember you for the way you lived. I love you.

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ABOUT AF: speaker, yoga instructor, writer, editor, reiki teacher, intuitive, musician, artist Alexandra Foran: Alexandra is an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with people of all ages. She is flexible and accommodating to all as she leads a practice from the heart. Extending warmth and love to all is a blessing for her. Yoga has personally helped her to heal and grow in profound ways. Yoga helps create balance and harmony; as someone who is highly intuitive, empathic, and a sensitive being she used to often be ill and regularly overextend herself -- she now seeks the peace that yoga can bring to her practice and life. As a poet, writer, musician and artist she infuses different aspects of the creative arts into her classes to create a higher vibration. During particular segments of her classes she uses guided imagery and live music. Alex plays upright bass, electric bass guitar, electric upright bass, violin, guitar, drums, rainmakers, baby harps, singing bowls, crystal bowls, recorders, and didgeridoo. Alexandra is a certified yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.

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