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I love meeting parents

Meeting people’s parents is such a fun experience, especially when you’re friends with their kids and all chatting together. I love it!

I’m probably a bit of a weirdo (actually, I know I am)…

Nothing says "I love my Mom" like a fake heart tat <3

Nothing says “I love my Mom” like a fake heart tat ❤

BUT I think it’s so cool to meet parents and see how alike or unlike their children are. I could seriously just hang out watching parents and kids communicate without even chiming in, I’m that into it.

I never worried about meeting people’s parents, even as a kid or when I was dating. Actually, I really liked talking to my friends’ parents and becoming friendly with them.

Even now, I still email some of my friends’ parents and check-in with them every now and then. I’ve had inside jokes with friends’ parents, who tend to bust on me all the time because even as a kid I was a sarcastic lil smart ass who cracked jokes with anyone.

It makes me sad that people get nervous about meeting parents, especially their significant others. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, in a home where even as a kid we would sit down at the table and talk to adults, I’m just really comfortable talking to a variety of people and love talking to people who are older.

This past weekend I met my best friend Britt’s fiance’s parents — and they were such sweethearts! It was so cool listening to them all talk and see how similar they were. Their physical makeup, mannerisms, and personalities were strikingly alike at times.

It’s just so great being around people with loving parents, it makes my lil heart smile!

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