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Observations from a day in Boston St. Patrick’s Day weekend (pros/cons)

Fortunately for me, my day/night on March 16, 2013 was not a hazy greenish drunken blur. That’s probably an accurate description for most people who decided to party in Boston this weekend for St. Paddy’s!


Photo illustration by Jesse Lenz (Photos by AP Images and Getty Images) [taken from Boston Magazine March 2013]

I had a fantastic time meeting up with friends, friends of friends, and random people. We had a rather classy time out in Faneuil Hall. Drank the obligatory Guinness and Irish car bombs like a boss.

All was well within my close circle of peeps, but a scant look around meant you may be witness to any number of people drunk beyond belief (especially for 2 pm). Celebrating this Irish holiday in Boston can sometimes feel like you’re drinking a poorly made Irish car bomb. While things can be as sweet and delectable as Bailey’s, you’re often surrounded by the common, abrasive flavors of Bud Light (changing the bottle color to green doesn’t make it “OK”).

Let’s go over the cons first:

1.) It is CROWDED and lines start early in the afternoon. People will be close to you, and they may end up touching you (hopefully just as they pass by). This poor younger guy had an older woman push the small of his back as he walked by — I’ve never seen a more horrifying look on someone’s face in my life.

2.) Drunk people everywhere. Middle-aged drunk people, in particular, will make you really really really depressed, especially when they attempt to make conversation in the bathroom with you. This was an OK experience after I stopped mentally crying because it helped me glimpse a possible future for me, one I do not want. I’ll give people a pass because they’re celebrating a holiday, but behavior I experienced is definitely not something I want to be a part of when I’m older.

3.) There will be covers to get into pubs and money will disappear fast if you’re not careful! We chose to go to only 3 pubs during our barhopping experience. Black Rose (no cover), The Green Dragon Tavern ($5), and Ned Devine’s ($10).

There are definitely some pros about St. Paddy’s in Boston:

1.) If your favorite color is green, you best go out on St. Paddy’s day in Boston. The ridiculous outfits were hilarious to behold. Also, I happen to look great in green and found it pretty refreshing to wear something other than black. Plus, my girlfriends and I got to rock green beaded necklaces (the tacky mardi-gras style ones that I secretly love wearing [not sure why]).

2.) Live music everywhere! I am a BIG fan of the violin, both Ned Devine’s and The Green Dragon Tavern had excellent fiddlers. Irish music in general was really enjoyable to listen to, it was also neat when bands would throw in an American twist to the Irish music they were playing. Amazing Apples even played some U.S. pop/rock hits at Ned Devine’s.


Photo from WZLX CBS local (Boston, MA)

They were fantastic live and the atmosphere and venue was exceptional, I’d never been to Ned’s before and I’m definitely a huge fan of both the band and the pub now!

3.) Beer pressure. Perhaps this is a con, but I see it as a pro because I usually end up drinking hard liquor which gets very expensive when I go out. Drinking beer out is definitely a more laid-back social experience, and cheaper. Plus, I never really thought I liked Guinness and I’m pretty sure I actually do like it.

So, overall, my St. Paddy’s Day experience in Boston was pretty damn good. I’m no stranger to being out in crowds with drunk people, it’s just extra heightened and greener St. Paddy’s weekend.

It was good to try some new things like Irish car bombs and different pubs in Boston, I’d definitely consider going into the city again next year for St. Paddy’s. Better yet, I may cave and get tickets for Dropkick Murphys!

“Shipping up to Boston” -Dropkick Murphys

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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