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Be like kids

Kids tend to be perpetually honest little creatures, even when we’d rather they wouldn’t be. Yet, we should rethink scolding them for their thoughts and perhaps reconsider certain “childish” phrases we so often hear and bring them back into our adult lexicons.

Here are 5 kid catchphrases we should use, when necessary:

1.) “I want to play!”

After a long day at school children often just want to have fun and relax. Playing is their form of stress relief, their exercise, and their time to do what they enjoy doing. As we grow up playing is no longer a top priority, we have a lot of responsibilities that we perceive are more important and besides playing is for children.

As we become adults we forget how to play, or rather choose not to. Let’s substitute the word “play” with other words we’re more apt to use like work on a hobby or participate in a sport or activity. When you’re a kid it’s so easy to just do whatever but now that there’s limited individual free-time in our lives due to obligations it’s just as important (if not more important) to carve out time to just play.To get up, get out, and get going on something you really enjoy doing.

Early 90's ridin' dirty

My brother and I used to play with our cousins and neighborhood kids as much as possible. Here we are, ridin’ dirty.

2.) “I imagined that..”

Kids have fantastical ideas and dreams that they share with others. They are eager to share their thoughts on certain things and usually like getting feedback; they hope for a positive response.

Too often people clam up when certain topics are breached when they are older. Mentioning politics, music, or society in general can easily become a vicious debate – even among friends.

I think a lot of people are capable of imagining things, aka coming up with new ideas and thoughts, but sometimes the way our culture works it seems like there isn’t always a welcoming environment to share these ideas. As kids we could play and imagine with one another, but oddly enough as we grow older we’re not as open to these things.

3.) “When I grow up I want to _________”

Young kids love sharing what they want to do “when they grow up”. I went from a construction driver to an astronaut to an athlete to a scientist to a writer all within a few weeks.

Now, especially with the poor economy, a lot of people view the future in a bleak manner. They see themselves stuck jobless or in the same monotonous boring job, and don’t really have as far as what else they want to do.

That’s why it’s important to think about what you really want and need out of your life. IN the future I want to ___(fill in the blank)____.

Even when you’re in a particular situation you may not enjoy, it’s important to move forward and think about what you desire. You don’t have to make a specific goal like in the next 3 years I want to live here and work there, but you can open up different possibilities for yourself by pursuing other careers or whatever it is you would like to make sure you do. Hell, make a Bucket List even. The world is too crazy not to keep playing, imagining, and moving forward.

My friend and neighbor Laura Trottier took this photo for me - it turns out writing is my calling, but I'm open to different options for my future besides what I'm currently doing!

My friend and neighbor Laura Trottier took this photo for me – it turns out writing is my calling, but I’m open to different options for my future besides what I’m currently doing!

4.) “I just wanna hang with my friend(s)”

I can almost hear my whiny younger self begging my mom to let me out to play kickball when I lived in New York. Sometimes, we really just want/need to hang out with our friends.

The same can be said for adults. We probably wouldn’t vocalize this thought aloud, but we may hit a point in our life where we realize we really desperately needed certain friends.

With college, having regular friend time was convenient, but as we grow older people relocate and keeping in touch gets tough. While the internet and phone technology is great, nothing beats palling out with buddies in-person.

It’s nice to leave the social partying scenes behind sometimes too and focus on the core group of friends that matter most, the down-to-earth friends that you can hang out with and relax and just be yourself. These are the type of people that you can just talk to and imagine with, the type of people you can comfortably discuss your future plans with, and the type of people you can be playful with.

5.) “I don’t know.”

A lot of people really hate this phrase, granted when you ask a kid or even adult if they did something and they say this as they lie through their teeth then I can see why these 3 words get so much loathing. The fact of the matter is, there’s a lot we don’t know as kids and as adults.

Maybe our boss asks a question or maybe a close friend asks how we’re feeling, and if we really don’t have an answer it’s best not to lie. For some reason when we’re older it’s shameful to admit that we don’t know something. But it’s impossible for us to know everything, so why should we feel ashamed when we’re not knowledgeable about a certain topic, problem, or even our own sentiments?

I don’t know can be a perfectly acceptable and correct answer for certain situations, and it’s one of the phrases I  too need to be more comfortable with.

It’s so important that we remember our childhood and hold onto the boundless curiosity and excitement we had for life as children. That’s the real fountain of youth, I bet, the vitality that can keep us going as we get older  may have been a part of us all along.

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    • Right? As a kid playing & just having fun was such a freeing way to unwind & relax without thinking about it or worrying about scheduling time to do it.

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