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Laugh at yo self!

“I couldn’t open my soup today & mass texted everyone I knew at work to come help me.”

“Just chipped a few front teeth eating a veggie wrapper at a sushi place.”

“I hurt myself opening toothpaste.”

“A few pots and pans just fell on me while I was cleaning.”

And these are just a few examples of the weird things that happened to me this week that I texted friends – you can’t help but laugh! Especially when my friends have bad days there’s usually something bizarre and/or pathetic happening in my life that will make them laugh AND simultaneously make them stop griping to me via text.

Laughing at yourself is sometimes the only thing that makes sense. You make a mistake, say something silly, or maybe just experience something odd. Often, laughing is an action that immediately makes things better on many occasions!

I have a lot of experience laughing at myself. Whether I’m sharing a story with a family member, friend, co-worker, or just laughing at myself in my own head it often makes me feel better (even when I’ve done something dumb).

I don’t know why some people correlate laughing at yourself with some sort of low self-esteem complex, but I think it’s healthy to laugh at yourself every now and then. The world can get us so bogged down, we gotta lighten up!

With mono I’ve been super extra weak and fatigued for several weeks (and counting). While it sucks and I am frustrated about how tired I always am, things could be far worse and my situation it quite hilarious.

My friend recently told me, “You are literally like an infant,” and I ended up doubling over in the hallway at work laughing. It’s great when you find people who can laugh at you and laugh at themselves too!

My brother is one of the people I laugh the most with.

My brother is one of the people I laugh the most with.

Fortunately, as we've grown older that hasn't changed. We laugh all the time (mostly at each other).

Fortunately, as we’ve grown older that hasn’t changed. We laugh all the time (mostly at each other).

I am lucky to have friends and family that have shared many laughs with (/at) me 🙂 People you can be yourself with, be laid back with, and maybe even be “stupid” with are awesome.

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ABOUT AF: speaker, yoga instructor, writer, editor, reiki teacher, intuitive, musician, artist Alexandra Foran: Alexandra is an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with people of all ages. She is flexible and accommodating to all as she leads a practice from the heart. Extending warmth and love to all is a blessing for her. Yoga has personally helped her to heal and grow in profound ways. Yoga helps create balance and harmony; as someone who is highly intuitive, empathic, and a sensitive being she used to often be ill and regularly overextend herself -- she now seeks the peace that yoga can bring to her practice and life. As a poet, writer, musician and artist she infuses different aspects of the creative arts into her classes to create a higher vibration. During particular segments of her classes she uses guided imagery and live music. Alex plays upright bass, electric bass guitar, electric upright bass, violin, guitar, drums, rainmakers, baby harps, singing bowls, crystal bowls, recorders, and didgeridoo. Alexandra is a certified yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.

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