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Don’t cave into New Year’s pressure

The day after Christmas I found myself in the Staten Island University Hospital – definitely not a fun time. After a series of tests, pain, and IVs I was diagnosed with acute viral mononucleosis (mono for short).

This was definitely not the way I wanted to spend my holidays, or any day(s) for the matter! Yet, what can you do? Sadly, absolutely nothing but treat the symptoms and force yourself to keep living!!

So, I’m hanging in there. It’s tough, especially for someone like me who is very headstrong, but I need to tell myself that there’s only so much I can do.

I am extra disappointed because I had elaborate plans to start making this a daily blog, but sometimes the best laid plans fall apart and there’s nothing that can be done.

The timing of my illness is pretty ironic, as people are making elaborate resolutions, reflecting on their year, and celebrating I’m bedridden forcing my body to rest.

Everyone’s so hyped up about the New Year and these fresh starts, but these are things that we as human beings made up. Tomorrow is another day, just like any other day, people will die and people will be born and people will continue living.

We make plans and have dreams but sometimes our resolutions and ideas don’t pan out as we hoped. While sometimes plans fail due to circumstances outside our control, there are time when our plans fall apart due to ourselves .

If we can control the outcome, our New Year’s “resolutions” don’t necessarily matter that much if we don’t take the initiative to follow through with them.

More importantly, we shouldn’t feel pressured by this “New Year” to force ourselves to change or do something when we aren’t ready to commit to (or even worse, when we don’t really have a personal motive for change). Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t mean we MUST have a resolution.

This year, maybe choose an overall theme instead of a resolution if you feel like you want to enact some change in your lifestyle, something like simply taking better care of yourself.

I think that’s what I’ll stick to. Or maybe I’ll make sure that I actively take time for myself each day to rest and perhaps read a little bit because the craziness of life sometimes gets so chaotic that I almost forget to rest at times.

P.S. Here’s a little diddy to keep you ready for the New Year, maybe consider making it your anthem like I am 🙂

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ABOUT AF: speaker, yoga instructor, writer, editor, reiki teacher, intuitive, musician, artist Alexandra Foran: Alexandra is an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with people of all ages. She is flexible and accommodating to all as she leads a practice from the heart. Extending warmth and love to all is a blessing for her. Yoga has personally helped her to heal and grow in profound ways. Yoga helps create balance and harmony; as someone who is highly intuitive, empathic, and a sensitive being she used to often be ill and regularly overextend herself -- she now seeks the peace that yoga can bring to her practice and life. As a poet, writer, musician and artist she infuses different aspects of the creative arts into her classes to create a higher vibration. During particular segments of her classes she uses guided imagery and live music. Alex plays upright bass, electric bass guitar, electric upright bass, violin, guitar, drums, rainmakers, baby harps, singing bowls, crystal bowls, recorders, and didgeridoo. Alexandra is a certified yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.

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