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Bittersweet NYC

I’m in NYC visiting my mom’s side of the family 🙂 it is wonderful to be here but it is also a tough time. Just driving the streets to my grandparents’ house was tough – a lot of our favorite places/restaurants were either washed away or demolished.

Staten Island is like my second home – most of my family has lived here for close to 20 years now. I know the area really well, the best places for coldcuts, seafood, burgers, and whatever else. You name it and I’ve probably been there or know of it.

Besides it being tough to be here due to the location, this is probably the last Christmas Eve celebration we will ever have at my grandparents. It’s also probably the last Christmas Eve we will ever spend as a whole family together.


The Whole Gang! (minus a couple great grandkids) [photo cred: Rick Detorie]

My grandpa has Alzheimers and it’s really quite bad. He’s so frail and sick and racked with disease. It’s tough to be here, but simultaneously so important to be here too.

An amazing thing happened today with him, though. My brother came to Staten Island today, he had to work all weekend unfortunately.

As soon as my brother, Dan, walked into the room my grandpa’s face lit up. He said, “Hey, buddy, how are ya?” and my brother responded with, “Good. How are you.”

My grandpa said he was good and then asked if Dan came here straight from school. They chatted for probably only about a minute, but it was the most anyone’s heard from him in a while. He finished all his sentences and really remembered who Dan was.

Maybe we use the term miracle a bit too loosely, but I will treasure those moments I witnessed and believe that it was a small Christmas miracle.

That’s the funny thing about life. We may be ill, fraught with a fever (mine was 102 this morning!), tired from being overworked, or just generally exhausted and maybe even sad. But sometimes, when we least expect it, something incredible can happen.

Treasure those moments. Remember the joys that this life can bring.

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