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Why I suck at blogging (top 5 reasons)


1.) I’m not even a hot mess, just a regular ole’ boring mess. One of the things  other writers have talked about when they share their “how to be a successful writer” tips that almost every writer I’ve heard speak either in the workplace, at seminars, in school, at conferences, on Youtube, within their blog, and in their books is that successful writers are ORGANIZED. It’s tough to get your writing organized and be consistent when your life is chaotic (whether it’s your fault or not). In my case it’s a mix! Working it out, though, working it out.

2.) I hate the computer.

OK, I don’t really hate the computer but I am on the computer roughly 6-8 hours a day Monday-Friday at work. Getting myself motivated to get online to check my email outside of the workplace takes a lot of effort. Just being near computers outside of work tends to unnerve me. It’s all too much, sometimes!

3.) I’m a perfectionist.

Blogging is so tough for me because I want the thoughts I put out to be as polished as possible. With blogging, that’s tough! I’ve written many things that I’ve wanted to put online, but then I decide I need to edit them more…and I forget to do anything about it.

4.) I’m tired and/or lazy!

It’s tough to tell sometimes. I have a bunch of health/allergy issues so my energy levels daily/weekly fluctuate like crazy. I also work a full-time job, so when I get home all  I want to do for at least an hour is veg out. Sometimes that hour stretches until I pass out for the night…until recently that’s pretty much been what has happened! Not good!

5.) I psyche myself out.

Which is silly because, as you can see by my lack of followers, it’s not like I’ve gotten my blog out there in the public. That wasn’t really the goal I had in mind (at least for now). I’d planned on starting a blog, getting better at being consistent (failing, clearly, a lot), and working on different creative projects in an effort to get my work out there and see others’ work.


So, after this self deprecating venting session, I’m going to force myself to stick to the weekly Sunday post. This is my commitment, to myself.


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ABOUT AF: speaker, yoga instructor, writer, editor, reiki teacher, intuitive, musician, artist Alexandra Foran: Alexandra is an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with people of all ages. She is flexible and accommodating to all as she leads a practice from the heart. Extending warmth and love to all is a blessing for her. Yoga has personally helped her to heal and grow in profound ways. Yoga helps create balance and harmony; as someone who is highly intuitive, empathic, and a sensitive being she used to often be ill and regularly overextend herself -- she now seeks the peace that yoga can bring to her practice and life. As a poet, writer, musician and artist she infuses different aspects of the creative arts into her classes to create a higher vibration. During particular segments of her classes she uses guided imagery and live music. Alex plays upright bass, electric bass guitar, electric upright bass, violin, guitar, drums, rainmakers, baby harps, singing bowls, crystal bowls, recorders, and didgeridoo. Alexandra is a certified yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.


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