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You may know Donald Glover, or you may not. He’s a comedian, actor, writer, and most recently a rapper. Kid’s got it all – and he calls himself “weird”.

I checked out an interview he had with Q Tv in October of last year and I must say, Glover’s got a great attitude and has a lot of passion for what he does.

If you have some spare time on your hands, check the interview here:

As a writer, especially. I believe he has the ability to say some really great things about himself that probably (hopefully) resonate with a lot of people.

When asked about his ambition, Glover said, “It’s weird. I just don’t think it’s fair to be limited…especially if you can do all those things – if you really want to. Now, it’s easier than it’s ever been to do all that stuff.”

I couldn’t agree more with Glover here. As a writer, reporter, musician, and poet (as well as human and probably other things) I cannot believe the amount of opportunities there are out there. Just look at this post, if I worked some sort of social media magic (perhaps some Google voodoo), the hits here could be crazy [could being the optimal word :P].

Glover talks about his aspirations and comments on the show Community, in which he plays a character named Troy, and he compares the unlikely chemistry of the unusual cast (a group of community college students with nothing in common). Glover, in essence, says everyone is super-interesting: “Everyone is. Even the most boring person…”

On weekends when Glover is not filming he can typically be found performing. He describes his tour as a “rock concert” in which he opens for himself and then transitions into rapping. When asked how he deals with critics Glover came up with a great response, but what really hit me and truly inspired this post was the following line:
“You’re not doing anything special if you’re not scared.”

That’s really what it’s all about, guys. Being brave and/or crazy enough to just go out there and do ya thang is AWESOME. No matter how weird you may think you are, we’re all in a certain way pretty unusual. I might even say that to be human is to be weird. We all have our habits and passions – one might even call them quirks – and these are what set us apart from the crowd.



FYI Glover’s rapping and jokes may be a little out there for those seeking a tame dude, so for those who are appalled by what they see if they search some of his stuff…don’t tweak out! In short: I just think it’s cool that someone who is juggling so many things is able to do what they want to do and create a life out of their passions as opposed to getting trapped in a place where they end up losing themselves (yes, this is my fear!!).

Even More Personal Disclaimer: I’d just like to say that I’m crazy-all-over-the-place with the things that I do (I can’t in good conscience compare myself to Glover…yet) and I’ve often been called insane for doing all the things I do. I can in full confidence say that I agree with Glover’s sentiments about doing and being all that you can. If I didn’t have passion for the things I do I wouldn’t be writing, singing, running, playing bass, laughing, reading all I can, traveling, dancing, and gorging good food and fun. I wouldn’t be living fully.

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