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MIA: Vertigo; a short chronicle/POEM SURPRISE

So I’ve had and still have vertigo. It’s been a fun time of overdosing on Bonine and sleeping for days (I know that sounds quite melodramatic [if you’ve ever had vertigo you know it’s the truth, though] and it sort of is). In the past few weeks I have watched upwards of 15 movies, 34 TV shows, and countless hours of news. I don’t really think I’ve retained much of that, but at least the weather has been crummy so everyone can be miserable with me 🙂   (I’m half-joking).

I’m going to stop my little “pity-me” tirade and leave you with a poem I wrote a few years ago after I received a concussion and ended up getting post-concussive syndrome!!! Enjoy?

Aches             to               Pain

Headaches they spin me round

All around everything is moving

I can’t focus but I’m so

Totally alert and can’t stop

Out of control

Everything is

Out of focus



I wish my mind could go blank

With all the worries

Tears cried dried up

Memories lost for a bit

Peaceful and serene

It’s all

There but



Just enough?

Or maybe not at all?

Is it cynical to think this way?

Is it wrong to speak and say?

If these words were only sarcasm?

Would you ask me to stop?

Is it too much to hear?

Or not enough?

I want to be lost but I want to

Be found

It’s this dilemma that

Drives me it brings me down

Makes me fly

No room for living

We’re all

Going to die



In the frame of this picture

Do you see all you want?

Is it me that you want?

Is it you that you want?

Why must we want so badly

                                                                                                                                  So sadly

And gladly we’ll

Give it up

Give up


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ABOUT AF: speaker, yoga instructor, writer, editor, reiki teacher, intuitive, musician, artist Alexandra Foran: Alexandra is an enthusiastic yoga instructor who enjoys sharing the gift of yoga and meditation with people of all ages. She is flexible and accommodating to all as she leads a practice from the heart. Extending warmth and love to all is a blessing for her. Yoga has personally helped her to heal and grow in profound ways. Yoga helps create balance and harmony; as someone who is highly intuitive, empathic, and a sensitive being she used to often be ill and regularly overextend herself -- she now seeks the peace that yoga can bring to her practice and life. As a poet, writer, musician and artist she infuses different aspects of the creative arts into her classes to create a higher vibration. During particular segments of her classes she uses guided imagery and live music. Alex plays upright bass, electric bass guitar, electric upright bass, violin, guitar, drums, rainmakers, baby harps, singing bowls, crystal bowls, recorders, and didgeridoo. Alexandra is a certified yoga instructor and a certified Reiki Master.


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